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In addition to our packaged offerings, RoundhouseOne has a deep and varied set of capabilities that we draw upon to deliver customized services and solutions for a wide range of education, healthcare, municipal and state government and corporate clients.

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Integrate data from across the organization

Most organizations have far more data than they realize, the problem is that it sits in siloed systems designed to support individual functions like HR, Finance, or Facilities.  By linking directly or indirectly to these systems, RoundhouseOne's patented 4Daptive platform creates a unified view of data that allows for analysis of synthesized data to develop actionable insights into issues and opportunities that impact the whole organization.

If these systems lack any of the data required to answer key questions, RoundhouseOne can pull and integrate data from publicly and commercially available data sets, or can create new streams of data via our inventory of custom and commercial sensors.

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Augment existing data streams with custom designed sensor packages

When existing data streams are insufficient to answer the questions at hand, RoundhouseOne's engineers work with our partners at the leading commercial sensor manufacturers to develop a suite of sensors that meet the unique collection and relay requirements of each job. 

In cases where no combination of off the shelf products meets the needs, we design, manufacture, calibrate, and deploy sensor packages tailored to the problem at hand.

Sensors include:

- Light levels

- Noise levels

- Temperature

- Relative humidity

- Air Quality (VOC, PM, CO, CO2, LPG, Smoke)

- Motion

Computer Vision Algorithms to detect:

- Occupant count

- Occupant location  

- Dwell time

- Movement pathways

- Architectural features

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Gather location specific input and feedback from the stakeholder community

Facilities managers, master planners, and community leaders need feedback from the community to identify areas of pride, concern, and opportunities for improvement from the various institutional stakeholders, yet planning committee meetings and organizational surveys  rarely see the level of engagement or the granularity needed to capture detailed input from the broader community.  With RoundhouseOne's customizable map based feedback tool, stakeholders can quickly and easily provide specific feedback on any location or feature from any connected device and administrators can show which issues or suggestions have been addressed either through maintenance activity or inclusion in master planning.

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Transform data into actionable insights

RoundhouseOne's team of spatial data analysts apply cutting edge analytic techniques and machine learning to combine Architectural, Cultural, Resource and Environmental factors to deliver decision relevant insights that power spatial intelligence.  By combining these key data elements with proven analytic know how, RoundhouseOne empowers clients to optimize their spatial decision making with verifiable, fact based findings.

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Develop interactive visualizations that deliver the insights most relevant to our clients and their stakeholder

Clarity, our web based interface provides clients with the freedom to explore analytic findings, create custom scenarios and dashboards, upload new data, and track charts and graphs back to their source for verification and analysis auditing.  Connected to our patented 4Daptive platform, Clarity allows data novices and experts alike to develop deep understanding and convey them with clear visualizations.

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