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SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--RoundhouseOne is pleased to announce that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has continued to acknowledge our innovations with the issuance of a third patent in the field of spatial intelligence. Invention number 9,996,807 is for “Multidimensional digital platform for building integration and analysis”. This patent recognizes the continued development of analytic and recommendation capabilities for analyzing business intelligence applied to physical assets, environmental factors, and cultural dimensions.

RoundhouseOne has incorporated these advances into its 4Daptive data management and analytics platform. The 4Daptive platform is used by RoundhouseOne analysts, partners, and clients across healthcare, education, commercial industries, and government to understand and quantify the relationships between physical assets, environmental conditions and resources, and human and cultural factors. The findings from these analyses are applied to optimize decisions about space needs, planning, and assignment, as well as environmental conditions and resource allocation.

RoundhouseOne’s partners have recognized the value derived from the unique capabilities of the 4Daptive platform and the patented breakthroughs that it incorporates. Mark Miller, Founder and CEO, MKThink explains that “4Daptive is an integral tool to support innovative insights to improve the basis for the design and operations of the built environment.”

About RoundhouseOne

RoundhouseOne is a technology driven spatial analytics firm that uses data to help organizations make better decisions about their spaces to reduce capital expenditure, improve employee and customer wellness and satisfaction, and reduce resource consumption.

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