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RoundhouseOne Featured in Washington Post: A Leap Forward in Making Places Better

We are excited to announce that RoundhouseOne has been featured in a recent #WashingtonPost article by Michael Coren, which highlights our latest study on the impact of cooking appliances on indoor air quality. This groundbreaking research marks a significant step in our ongoing efforts to promote better, healthier, and sustainable places.

This comprehensive study compared the air quality effects of gas stoves versus induction cooktops in residential settings. Our findings revealed that induction cooktops significantly reduce indoor air pollution, offering a cleaner, healthier alternative to traditional gas stoves.

What makes this study stand out is its real-world applicability. We utilized advanced sensor technology, including RoundhouseOne's Air Angel sensor networks and #Aeroqual's hand-held NO2 sensors, to measure air quality during cooking accurately. The insights gathered are not just numbers and graphs; they are potential game-changers in how we approach kitchen appliance choices and their impact on our health.

The article also discusses practical tips for improving indoor air quality, such as opting for induction cooktops, investing in air purifiers, and ensuring proper ventilation during cooking. These actionable steps are crucial for anyone looking to make their home environment safer and healthier.

We're proud to be at the forefront of this important research and are grateful for the recognition from the Washington Post. This feature is a testament to our commitment to innovation and our dedication to creating sustainable and healthy living spaces.

For more details on the study and our innovative solutions, check out the full article [here]

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